Cost saving Refurbishments, sourcing the right TBM for your needs.


Dealing with tight project delivery deadlines is no easy task when looking for a new TBM. Lovsuns Tunneling has a great network to access used TBMs anywhere in the field that have conquered the most challenging projects around the world. We will take in your used TBM and complete a full refurb if need be, or lightly recondition your TBM (a light replacement of parts and cleaning). This refurbishment can take place at our remanufacturing centre, located right next door of our main manufacturing facility in Toronto, manufacturing facility in China, or at a project location.

Refurbishments are a great option to get your project to start ahead of a tight delivery schedule.

Typically lightly used TBMs that completed a short drive are an excellent candidate for a refurb. When to buy New vs. used TBM, considerations include: Size of TBM, Age of Machine, and the similar Application of the TBM to lower costs and modifications of a refurbishment.

Once we have thoroughly sourced the right TBM for a project we will:

  • Do a complete evaluation and inspection on site
  • Full disassemble in our facility
  • Recondition parts like new
  • Apply latest engineering updates and install updated software programs
  • Fully reassemble TBM for performance testing in house
  • Client acceptance, testing and evaluation

Our TBMs are built to get you to your next project, extending the cost savings to you. It gives us great pride in seeing our reliable machines back to work and are totally committed to our customers succeeding once again.

We customize the refurbishment options especially for your needs:

  • Three levels of refurbishments available, to accommodate your project budget
  • Refurbishment programs
  • System and components
  • Parts stock program
  • Warranty program on TBM and parts

Dedicated Refurbishment Manufacturing Centre – Toronto, Canada

  • Wash bay
  • Retractable roof to allow large parts indoors
  • Rail Track, to allow heavy parts to move from main facility into reman centre
  • Fully capable of refurbishing utility sized tunnel boring machines

Contact our parts & refurbishment department today at: +1 (905) 364-1055 or