Project Management

Project Management

At Lovsuns we have experience project managers and well defined process to plan, organize, motivate and control resources to achieve on-time delivery of your TBMs. Each project has an assigned project manager from project initiation to project closure. We promote team collaboration with emphasis on communication to ensure our multi-discipline team members understand the project objectives and work at hand.

  • Project Initiation
  • Planning and Design
  • Project Execution, Monitoring and Control
  • Project Closing

Project Initiation

Each project will have a project charter that has been reviewed and agreed on by senior management to make sure scope of work, deliverable, schedule, risks and constraints are understood.

Planning and Design

Every project will be planned using the duration driven methodologies to establish an expected completion date. This is measured against the target delivery date to quantify the target variance. Conducting team focus crashing sessions, each project activity is reviewed, crashed and re-network to meet the target delivery date.

Project Execution, Monitoring and Control

During project execution, we utilize a dynamic control and monitoring technique that allows different stakeholders to understand the health of a project, current completion date, review any scope changes and drive resolution to all outstanding issues.

Project Closing

Delivery of the TBM is only part of project closure, we conduct project post-mortem so we can continuously improve for our next projects.