Pipe Jacking

Pipe Jacking

The Mighty Compact Solution for your Utility Projects

Working at high performance & productivity while keeping the peace with the Environment & surroundings.

Now more than ever, comes the need to replace and better every community’s Utility infrastructure around the world. Whether it’s a small or large pipe jacking drive, our durable machines are the compact and efficient solution for your most challenging Utility tunnel projects.

  • A better alternative to the conventional open cut excavation method of installing underground pipelines
  • One pass lining method, where pipes form and act as the finished tunnel liner.
  • Suitable for multiple applications: sewers, gas, water mains, oil pipelines, telecommunication tunnels etc.
  • minimal impact to the environment and less ground disturbance
  • weather-proof construction


  1. Cuttinghead – Drum Type
  2. Main Drive
  3. Articulation Cylinders
  4. Belt Conveyor
  5. Propulsion Cylinders
  6. Tail Can c/w Telescopic Leading Can
  7. Arch Ring Supports for ancillary equipment
  8. Pipe – Tunnel Lining