Lovsuns Tunnel Link

Lovsuns Tunnel Link

Stay Connected”, The S.M.A.R.T way to Tunnel!
Access to TBM Information you need, when you need it most!

  • In a tunnel environment, situations can change quite rapidly and the response to these situations needs to be just as quick. In addition, decisions taken on these situations need to be informed ones.
  • It offers contractors and project owners alike the ability to access data, without the need to manually interpolate raw data. They also make information accessible and available at the time it is needed, as opposed to historical analysis on a past project.
  • The software correlates data into useable information such as Ring and Production Reports, Grouting and Excavation Reports, notification services such as Alarm Reports and Instant Messaging Systems.
  • It is completely web based, allowing different users to access information from any web browser, be it a smart phone, PDA or desktop computer. In addition, services can be setup by the contractors to be immediately notified when an event occurs.

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Features & Benefits

Data Collection Tunnel Link technology provides continuous logging of data from hundreds of sensors in real-time. This information provides users instant access to production, guidance, and key machine parameters to prepare reports, charts, and data analysis. Data can be used to improve production, machine availability, and lower operating costs.
Consolidation of Project Data Tunnel Link allows consolidation of data from multiple locations through one web portal allowing real time reports and charts to be created with a user friendly interface.
Retrieval of Data Stored data can be accessible through your local jobsite network and through any internet browser for Real-Time, Historical, or Report information. Multiple jobsites and projects can be connected from one location with the ability to assign different levels of access for multi-users.
Data Monitoring and Reporting Users can easily access data logged from the machine and prepare shift reports, segment ring reports, statistical analysis, and operational trends for improved site management.

  • Include information from collected multiple locations, not just from Tunnel Boring Machine
  • Notifications can be sent via email or SMS message on a selected schedule or an event to a desired list of contacts
  • Information can be exported directly from Tunnel Link into PDF format
  • Various chart and report types can be generated automatically with project specific information