Earth Pressure Balance TBM

Earth Pressure Balance TBM

  • TBM excavation face is supported by pressuring the soil inside the cutterhead. The pressure of the earth through the chamber is regulated by the rate of soil discharged through the screw conveyor.
  • The use of additives (foams) enables EPB TBMs to be used in more varying grounds. The Ground Conditioning can change the characteristics of the excavated material to improve its ability to transmit the confinement pressure. Lovsuns EPB TBM can work with EPB pressures up to 7.5 bar.
  • Equipped with both disc cutters and rippers, EPB TBMs are capable of excavating through highly plastic clays to boulder laden grounds.
  • Operation in EPB Mode allows for controlled and continued excavation of the soil in poor grounds with high water heads
  • Equipped with precise monitoring system for diagnostics, management, and machine guidance. (Up to 1500 independent signals are transmitted through the TBMs network providing instantaneous feedback for the management and analysis of the data gathered)
  • The ability to work in high water/soil pressure, raveling and uncontrollable soil conditions while still achieving outstanding production.


Clay, Silt, Gravels and boulders of various sizes


  1. Cuttinghead
  2. Main Drive
  3. Articulation Cylinders
  4. Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Cells – Cuttinghead Chamber
  5. Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Cells – Screw Conveyor
  6. Screw Conveyor
  7. Ring Type – Segment Erector
  8. Air Lock
  9. Propulsion Cylinders
  10. Ground Conditioning System
  11. Trailing Shield
  12. Tunnel Lining (Pre-Cast Concrete Segments)