Double Shield Rock TBM

Double Shield Rock TBM

Safe, Continuous Tunnelling


When the project entails hard rock conditions, turn to a Lovsuns Double Shield Rock TBM for extra strength and safety.

Built to mine through tough ground and varying geological formations from shale to granite with strengths from 30 MPa to 350 MPa.

  • When mining through competent Rock filled with sections of unpredictable fault zones, the safety of your workers is our number one priority.
  • In competent Rock, Double Shield TBMs are capable of excavating ground through entire driver and installing tunnel lining simultaneously, keeping you moving. Once the Gripper Pads grip firmly of the tunnel wall, the TBM is able to thrust forward pushing off of the Gripper Shield. At the same time, Tunnel Lining is installed behind the Gripper Shield.
  • In unstable Rock grounds, the Gripper Pads are disengaged, and the machine simply continues to thrust forward pushing off of the installed Tunnel Lining, as it would in a Single Shield Mode.
  • Heavy duty structures with Chromium Carbide Cladding create a rigid support for the Disc Cutters ensuring forces are transmitted where needed to conquer through the rock.


Stable, competent rock


  1. Cuttinghead – Drum Type
  2. Muck Ring
  3. Belt Conveyor
  4. Main Drive
  5. Stabilizer Pads
  6. Torque Arms
  7. Primary Propulsion Cylinders
  8. Articulation Cylinders
  9. Gripper Cylinders
  10. Secondary Propulsion Cylinders
  11. Gripper Pads
  12. Segment Erector
  13. Tunnel Lining – Pre Cast Concrete Segments