Convertible TBM (Dual Mode)

Convertible TBM (Dual Mode)

Adaptable to any varying ground challenge

The performance of an Open Mode TBM, combined with the control of EPB TBM, the Convertible TBM allows you to mine through more complex ground conditions.

The unique cuttinghead design and material loading enable our Convertible TBMs to excavate the ground efficiently in Open or EPB modes. Downtime is reduced by removing/installing loading plates to convert between modes. Tunnel Boring Machines can either be equipped with Belt and Screw option, or Belt or Screw option. Offers flexibility of installing different primary linings as the rock changes, inclusive of steel ribs and pre-cast concrete segments

Time required for TBM mode changeover ranges from multiple shifts to a couple of weeks (in the case of a Belt or Screw configuration).


  1. Cuttinghead – Cantilever Type
  2. Muck Ring
  3. Main Drive
  4. Articulation Cylinders
  5. Propulsion Cylinders
  6. Belt Conveyor
  7. Screw Conveyor
  8. Ring Type – Segment Erector
  9. Work Platforms
  10. Tunnel Lining – Pre-Cast Concrete Segments
  11. Trailing Shield
  12. Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Cells – Screw Conveyor
  13. Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Cells – Cuttinghead Chamber
  14. Ground Conditioning System