Conventional (Open Mode) TBM

Conventional (Open Mode) TBM

Technically Sound, Perfectly Simple

A solution for stable and no pressure ground conditions at the tunnel face. Simple yet effective design, perfected over the years for optimal performance and safety inside the TBM shields. Unique cuttinghead designed specifically for every project, mining efficiently with high productivity rates.

Suitable to mine through competent soft ground with minimal pressure and water. Production can be very high as both mining and erection cycle time is very short.



Clay, Silt, non-pressurized bearing ground


  1. Cuttinghead
  2. Face Isolation Doors
  3. Muck Ring
  4. Main Drive
  5. Articulation Cylinders
  6. Stabilizer Fins
  7. Propulsion Cylinders
  8. Belt Conveyor
  9. Segment Erector
  10. Tunnel Lining