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Building on a legacy of excellence

About us

Lovsuns Tunneling Canada Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liaoning Censcience Industry Co. Ltd. (LNSS) based in Toronto Canada. LNSS is one of the major TBM manufacturers in China. In 2014, LNSS acquired the Assets, including the entire Intellectual Properties, of Caterpillar Tunneling Canada Corp. (CTCC, formerly known as LOVAT). LOVAT was founded in 1972 and was regarded as the industry leader for the mechanized tunneling technology in soft/mixed grounds. Over the past 40+ years, LOVAT TBMs have been widely used in numerous metro, road, railway, hydro power, cross sea and oil & gas tunneling projects around the world.

Today Lovsuns takes the pride to continue this legacy and is prepared to deliver beyond it. Many of the key ex-LOVAT/CTCC engineering, manufacturing, operation, QA and service employees have joined Lovsuns. By leveraging decades of engineering and manufacturing experience and expertise, Lovsuns is set to continue to supply world class Tunnel Boring Machine products and services for our global customers, old and new alike. Our wide range of TBM products include EPB, Single Shield Rock, Double Shield Rock, Convertible (Dual Mode), Pipe Jacking, Refurbishment and cutting tools. We strive to remain as a stable partner in unstable grounds, like we always proved to be, for our customers worldwide.

As part of the integrated global strategy of LNSS Group, by leveraging our two high capacity and state-of-art equipped facilities both in China and Canada, we are well positioned and boast full flexibilities to deliver world class TBM products and services wherever your project location is and however challenging your project may be, quality, timing and budget wise. The combined annual TBM production volume can reach 60 units thanks to the robust across-the-board uniform engineering, manufacturing and QA standards, as well as enhanced supply chain and project management systems.

As the overseas engineering, manufacturing/procurement and service center, Team Lovsuns will be responsible for the sales, engineering design, manufacturing/supervision, QA implementation and after sales services for all TBMs supplied to international customers. Regardless of the manufacturing location, we assure that top brand key components are equally installed on Lovsuns/LNSS TBMs. Meanwhile, with the acquired Intellectual Properties, Lovsuns is fully capable of and committed to providing efficient and cost effective refurbishment and other services to the existing legacy LOVAT/CAT TBMs owned by our global customers.

At Lovsuns, we strive to remain as your trusted and reliable tunneling solution provider.